Skinny Coverfit Cushion Refill (14g)_N23 True Beige

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Perfect coverage with a single touch

Skinny cover fitting formula gets applied on the skin thinly but fully and completes a flawless makeup with a single cushion.


Fixing effect without smudging for a long time

Sebum control powder and setting powder get combined and that forms a strong makeup layer which doesn’t get smudged by sweat and sebum.


Soft and fresh finish without cakiness and smudging

With smart fitting technology, soft and fresh makeup gets done without being caky and smudged by unnecessary oil and moisture.



Purpose: Skinny Coverfit Cushion perfectly covers the flaws of your face with a thin layer and helps makeup to last long without smudging.


Indications and Usage: When applying foundation, take an appropriate amount of the product on the puff, apply a thin layer on the face and lightly dab to finish.

* This refill doesn’t come with a puff. You need to purchase a separate puff.


Size: 14g

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