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Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule (50ml) (Renewal)

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Anti-aging and night repairing ampoule containing stronger Probiotics and borabit elastic energy for intensive care for skin texture


1.      10 Probiotics with various functions for reinforcing natural strength of skin

-       10 Lactobacillus with different effects enhance moisture level and elasticity by providing energy to problematic skin areas for improving skin’s basic strength, density, moisture, balance, skin tone and elasticity.

2.      Morning skin improved by doubly fermented Pro Ferment α™ Method

-       By combining cool-warm double fermentation and special Delivery Technology that helps denser absorption, high-quality and excellent skin-friendly Probiotics Ferment provides smooth skin texture like you’ve had a sound sleep.

How to use:

-       After applying toner, take an appropriate amount and let it be absorbed along the skin texture.

-       You can use on a daily basis regardless of the skin type.

Size : 50ml


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