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Snail & Azulene Sleeping Mask (80ml)

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Redness and parched skin aren’t good looks, so keep all that sensitivity under control with TIA’M’s Snail and Azulene Sleeping Mask. This nourishing overnight treatment is infused with snail mucin extract and azulene to hydrate, repair and calm irritations while you rest, leaving you with skin that feels healthy, moisturized and balanced in the morning. Keep this by your bedside table for a good night’s beauty sleep!
What's Good
  • Nourishing sleeping mask to soothe and hydrate while you sleep
  • Made with snail mucin extract and azulene
  • Skin is left healthy, hydrated and balanced
Skin Type
Sensitive skin types
How to Use
Apply an even layer onto the skin and pat in as the last step of your skincare. Leave on overnight, then rinse off with water in the morning.
What's Included
1 x Snail & Azulene Sleeping Mask (80ml)
Key Ingredients

Snail mucin extract- Moisturizes the skin and soothes irritations
Azulene - Calms redness and repairs

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