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Dis-a-pore Beauty Balm (50ml)

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BB cream for oily skin that covers rough skin texture to be silky soft and achieves bright and healthy pinkish-beige complexion


1.      Delicate pore care

-       By tightly covering loose pores, it helps achieve smooth skin texture as if it’s photoshopped.

2.      Soft finish on oily and combination skin

-       Contained Silicone Elastomer adsorbs oily sebum and softly covers without stickiness like a primer.

3.      Completed safety test on acne-prone skin

-       Through multiple clinical tests proving it’s appropriate for acne-prone skin, even sensitive skin can use

it without irritation.

How to use:

1. After skincare, take a small amount on the back of the hands.

2. Evenly apply all over the face.

3. Pat enough for better absorption.

Size : 50ml

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