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Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100 Ampoule (100ml)

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Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella-Asiatica 100 Ampoule is one of those products you never knew you needed before trying it out. This gentle yet potent concentrate is made with Centella Asiatica extracts that contain 30% asiaticoside, 30% Asiatic acid, and 40% madecassic acid for bright, rejuvenated skin. This lightweight ampoule can be used in a couple of ways including being mixed with your favorite cream, saturated in cotton pads as a mask, or even mixed with water to create a mist that you can use throughout the day.

What's Good

- Ampoule that brightens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin

- Contains Centella Asiatica extract to nourish and repair the skin

- Use on its own, as a mask or mixed into other beauty products for an added boost

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Apply a couple of drops evenly onto the skin and gently tap in for better absorption.

What's Included

1 x Madagascar Centella-Asiatica 100 Ampoule: 100ml

Key Ingredients

Asiaticoside - Improves the water-to-oil balance of the skin

Asiactic acid - Strengthens the skin's barrier and has antioxidant effects for anti-aging

Madecassic acid - Repairs damaged skin and evens out scar tissue

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