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Glow Skin Balm (50ml)

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 “Moisturizer + morning pack + primer + glow cream 4 IN 1”

-       Skin balm that makes gleaming skin base

-       30 hours of moisture maintenance


1.        Point

①       Gleaming and smooth makeup base like peeled egg

-       Thin and well-adhering glow formula creates shiny peeled egg-like skin.

②       4 in 1 quick morning balm

-       Achieve glow makeup look with this 4 in 1 balm that works as moisturizer + morning pack + primer + glow cream in busy morning.

③       30 hours of moisture maintenance

-       Patented moisturizing elements fill rich moisture that remains for a long time.

④       Less-irritating formula

-       Skin-friendly elements and 53% of Rosa Damascena Flower Water instead of purified water make it possible to use mildly even on  sensitive skin.

2.        How to use

①       At the last step of basic skincare, smoothly apply along the skin texture and lightly dab for absorption.

②       Soft creamy formula provides light and thin layer on the skin when applying.

③       After applying Glow Skin Balm, apply Glow Tension.

       ü  Keep it in room temperature.

       ü  There may be personal differences.
3.        Recommended to

①       People who want to keep shiny skin like peeled egg.

②       People who worry about dull and lacklustre skin.

③       People who want to achieve glow makeup quickly and moistly.

Size : 50ml

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