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Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (90g)

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            1.       Vitamin care for your skin

            2.       Vitamin E containing mask that is known for excellent antioxidant

            3.       The best skincare booster for dry, sensitive and aging skin

            4.       Moisturizing, whitening and resilience all at once!



Coat with vitamin E moistly for a long time!

Vitamin E melted inside the oil fully moisturizes your skin. It maintains moistness at least for 8 hours even on dry and dull skin.


Indications and Usage:

          1.  After washing, use it at the end of the moisturizing step.

          2. Mix the small amount of it with essence or cream, or use it solely as a sleeping mask pack on a very dry skin.

          3.       Use it anytime of the day.



-          Vitamin E is highly moisturizing oil. If your skin usually doesn’t go well with oil, please use after sufficient consultation.

-          Find out the proper amount for you by using small amount at first.

-          The mixture of it with cream and essence enhances moisturizing effect.

Size: 90g

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