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Candy Magic Mini Hair Straightener Mint

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This cute, portable, lightweight USB-charging mini hair straightener helps hair-styling anytime, especially in the afternoon when your gorgeous morning hair just about to be gone.

What's Good
  • The flexible ceramic heat plate helps minimize hair damage & deliver easier hair styling
  • Auto temp control not to exceed 200℃
Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use
  • Connect the straightener with power cable and release the lock
  • Turn the power on, check the power LED is on, and wait until the heat plate heated
  • Do hair-styling once the plate is heated properly
  • Remove the power cable after use
  • Wait until the plate gets cooled down and lock it up
What's Included

1 x Candy Magic Mini Hair Straightener

Key Ingredients

Ceramic heat plate: This prevent the hair getting damaged

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