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Seo Ri Tae Skin-refining Cream (50ml)

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Skin-refining Cream containing Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus that is gained from original fermented Seo Ri Tae from Yeongwol in Gangwon Do and helps achieve healthy skin

-       Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus™ from Yeongwol in Gangwon Do and Seo Ri Tae Anthocyanin’s triple effect (coating tired skin + caring young skin + moisturization and protection) make you feel younger and healthier skin again.


1.       Points

①      Containing high amount of plant butter element, its soft coating texture gets applied softly like melting into the skin

②      Dawn frost scent that reminds of ripening Seo Ri Tae in cold frost at dawn

③      Healthy new skin with Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus™ and Seo Ri Tae Anthocyanin

-       Experiencing triple effect of Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus and Seo Ri Tae Anthocyanin found in traditional bean fermentation method

④      Strengthening skin’s autogenous power

-       Seo Ri Tae’s strong protective energy reinforces skin barrier and protects the skin from ever-changing outside environment

⑤      Skin reviving effect from Madecassoside

-       Madecassoside extracted from Centella Asiatica meets Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus and makes you experience healthy reborn skin

2.       The story of Hanyul Seo Ri Tae

①      Strong autogenous power of Seo Ri Tae (Black Bean)

-       Hanyul has been long observed Seo Ri Tae, the traditional black bean that has strong vitality and survives from cold frost at dawn

②      The growing region of Seo Ri Tae, Yeongwol in Gangwon Do

-       Seo Ri Tae grows in Yeongwol of Gangwon Do in Korea. To make this special bean as appropriate ingredient which grows stronger in harsher frost, we chose Yeongwol the growing field where the period of frost is the longest within Korea

③      Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus™

-       With 20 years of research, Hanyul finally discovered Seo Ri Tae ferment mucus™ which as the main ingredient of Seo Ri Tae Skin-refining cream, enhances skin’s autogenous power by using traditional fermentation method.

3.       How to use

①      Take a small amount like a small coin and apply on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

②      Using an index finger, a middle finger and a ring finger, roll it on the skin to absorb until it’s melted like butter.

③      If applying a small amount again on the entire face, you can feel thicker and stronger coating.

 Size : 50ml

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