Scalp Refreshing Shampoo (230ml)

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Point: Nourishing shampoo & treatment for deeply cleansing your scalp and hair.


1. Shampoo and treatment of various types

 Shampoo that freshly removes old sebum and wastes from your hair and treatment that nourishes the scalp and enhances elasticity of the hair


2. Scrub (granule) type with low irritation

 The scrub type smoothly cleanses away the wastes from the scalp without irritation


3. Daily care & deep cleansing care at the same time

 Can be used as a normal shampoo for daily usage and as a deep scaling shampoo for deep cleansing! Use it depending on your scalp condition.


Purpose: Shampoo and treatment that contains menthol element keeps your scalp fresh and deeply cleanses with low irritation.


Indications and Usage:

To take care of your scalp depending on your hair condition, use scaling shampoo.

To nourish severely damaged hair, use nourishing shampoo.

For oily scalp, use refreshing shampoo.

To give nutrition to the hair, use balancing treatment.


Size: 230ml

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