Real Pure Activator (40ml)

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Althea Says: You've heard of multitasking makeup products, but what about skincare ones? Aritaum's Real Pure Activator has does just that! You can treat it as a first-step concentrate that preps your skin or mix it with other skincare products to boost their effectiveness and hydration properties. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, this features a hydrating formula that can also prep the skin, getting it ready to absorb all the goodness of your other skincare products. You can even use it as the last step of your skincare routine to really seal in all that hydrating goodness for a glowy, radiant complexion.
Size: 40ml
Type: All skin types
Color: -
How To Use: Apply evenly onto the skin as a first or last step of your skincare routine, or mix it with other skincare products to boost their effectiveness.

Size: 40ml



 1.   Contains hyaluronic acid for moisturizing skin

   -   When skin feels dry, activator forms layer that holds water for lightening skin.

 2.   For light and hydrating longer

   -   Skin fit network that is emollient system stable improves skin absorption.

 3.  Mix & match at any skincare routine

   -   Use before or after applying essence, or mix with cream to last longer. Mix with foundation or BB cream to give skin lightening.   


Purpose: Mix-match activator with the highly waterfull formula.


Indications and Usage:

Pump a sufficient amount and apply to your face at any skincare step.  



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