Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream (50ml)

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Artemisia’s watery soothing cream that gently comforts your skin

 -     Moisturizing cream that delivers plentiful moisture to dry skin and comfortably relaxes tired skin with young Artemisia from Ganghwa Island.


1.        Points

①       Comfort that comes from moisture, mild formula and ingredients
②       Young Artemisia scent containing pure energy of early spring
③       Containing half times more of young Artemisia Water that were traditionally used as bath water of a mother and a baby
2.        Artemisia Watery Calming line

①       Skin purifying & moisture soothing care line that adds freshness and fills up relaxing feeling to tired skin
②       Containing young Artemisia reaped before lunar May 5th that grows in Ganghwa Island seaside getting clear sea breeze
③       Natural ingredients that comfortably calm sensitive skin like a mother’s first bathwater
3.        How to use

Take an appropriate amount on hands and gently spread on the entire face to let it absorb.

Size : 50ml


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