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No-Sebum Powder Cream (25g)

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Innisfree's back with a cream version of their famous powder. With a cool whipped texture, this cream blends onto the skin effortlessly, leaving behind a slightly balmy matte finish that's smooth to the touch. It works as a moisturizer, primer and sebum controller all in one, prepping your skin to take on any makeup you'd like to layer on top.

What's Good

- A cool, whipped, moisturizer with a balmy texture

- Helps control sebum production

- 3-in-1 moisturizer, primer and sebum controller

Skin Type

Oily, acne prone skin types

How to Use

Scoop out a small amount and smooth evenly onto the face.

What's Included

1 x No-Sebum Powder Cream: 25g

Key Ingredients

Green tea extracts - Rich in antioxidants and amino acids to ensure the skin stays youthful and healthy

Peppermint leaf extracts - Cools down the skin and has antibacterial properties that heal and prevent future breakouts

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