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Green Tea Seed Essence In Lotion (100ml)

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Green tea is brilliant for more than just a midday perk me up! This unique essence-in-lotion is a lightweight yet potent formula infused with the goodness of green tea for hydrated, healthy looking skin. With 3.5x more amino acids, it plumps up dehydrated skin and creates a moisture barrier, leaving the complexion juicy and dewy.
What's Good
  • A hybrid hydrator that combines an essence and lotion

  • Contains green tea that’s rich in amino acids to moisturize the skin

  • Skin is left plump and dewy

Skin Type
All skin types
How to Use
Apply an even layer onto the skin and gently pat in till absorbed.
What's Included
1 x Green Tea Seed Essence In Lotion (100ml)
Key Ingredients

Green tea - Rich in amino acids to hydrate the skin
Shea butter - Deeply moisturizes the skin to prevent dehydration
Panthenol - Soothes irritations and strengthens the skin’s barrier

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