Marshmallow Sun Cushion (10g)

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Althea Says: Boing, boing! Korean's are known for their powder soft skin (better known as bbosong skin!), and Laneige's Marshmallow Sun Cushion gives you that plus some sun protection! Suitable for all skin types, this formula comes with a mesh dispenser and keeps the skin hydrated with a matte finish. With an SPF of 50+ and PA+++, this is super handy and perfect for popping into your purse for touch-ups while you're on-the-go. No need to be caught under the sun without SPF again!
Size: 10g
Type: All skin types
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How To Use: Pop open the cushion and pick up product with the puff provided. Apply onto the face and blend out for a seamless finish.


1.     Inorganic UV protectant gently protects skin

  -   If you ware worried about sensitive skin, try inorganic UV protectant that reflects UV rays. The skin-soothing powder gently protects and soothes skin.

2.     Convenient cushion-type sun cushion

  -   The texture resembling marshmallow keeps skin moisturized and matte. The mesh sun cushion applies more thin and even compared to general cushion, and it can be used conveniently anytime, anywhere.



Purpose: The mesh sun cushion in marshmallow-soft texture gently blocks UV rays with inorganic UV protectant

Indications and Usage:

1.     Press the sponge with the puff to take an appropriate amount evenly

2.     Apply on the face, and gently pat to promote the absorption into skin.


Size: 10g 

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