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Jeju Orchid Sleeping Mask (80ml)

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Highly elastic sleeping mask that constantly gives nutrition during night time like strong vitality of Jeju Orchid.



1. Providing well-rested looking skin with Jeju Green Bean and Lavender Oil

-       Hyaluronic Acid from Jeju Green Bean fills up your skin with rich moisture and elasticity and Lavender Oil softly embraces the skin and helps relieve stress during the night, achieving fresh and well-rested looking skin.
2. Tightly fitting and adhesive texture

-       Nutritious and elastic texture tightly adheres to the skin and takes care of the skin to be moist and smooth.


How to use:

At the last step of night skin care, take an appropriate amount and evenly apply on the entire face avoiding eyes and lips and go to sleep. Next morning, gently wash it off.

Size : 80ml

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