IDOL Real Lash Fixer

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Size: 8ml


Point: Strong fixing of eyelashes! 3 in 1 multi fixer mascara!


1.     Volume Up! Primer

-      It expresses rich and curvy eyelashes by adding voluminous layers.

2.     Curling & Coating Fixer

-      It keeps the curl for a long time without drooping and protects eye areas against water, sweat and sebum.

3.     Mascara for no makeup look

-      The translucent black gel type makes natural but distinct eyelashes without being tangled.





 Purpose: It’s 3 in 1 multi fixer mascara that can be used as eyelash primer / makeup base / mascara for no makeup look!


Indications and Usage:

- To maximize primer effect, apply it before putting on mascara.

- To maximize fixer effect, apply it after putting on mascara.

- To use it as mascara, apply it on eyelashes without makeup after using eyelash curler.

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