Highlight Lip Tint Glow (4g)

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Point: With Highlight Lip Tint Glow’s own spatula type applicator, easily adjust the amount and express gradated and full lips as you like!


1.     Oil layer embracing your lips

-      With a combination of oil and tint, vivid color stays on the lips and the oil takes care of your lips moistly.
2.     Strong and vivid color with a single touch

-      Mamonde’s fast-dispersing pigment expresses the original vivid color and gives luxurious gloss on the lips.
3.     Excellent long-lasting and adhering power without stickiness

-      The color gets smoothly applied without stickiness and moistness stays for a long time 


Purpose: Well-pigmented & long-lasting & highly moisturizing oil drop lip tint!


Indications and Usage:

  1. If applied with front side, it expresses intense color pigmentation and the tip applicator draws neat lip line!
  2. If applied with back side, you can easily and smoothly apply with the most appropriate amount!

Caution : Do not close the cap too tightly!

Size: 4g


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