Dermask Shaking Rubber Hydro Shot (50g)

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1.       When shaken, fresh cocktail-like dewy mask appears!

If you mix Double Trans Booster and Hydro Liquid Ampoule and shake, moist modeling pack is made like a cocktail.
2.       Contained Hyaluronic Acid creates moist and shiny facial skin

Hyaluronic Acid expresses skin glowing with moistness and Water Botanical Complex helps maintain shiny skin by forming moisture barrier.


Get yourself an aesthetic care at home with tight adhesiveness.

It thoroughly covers even the areas that regular masks can’t reach and provides a relaxing feeling as if you got aesthetic care.

NO need to mix! – Gently shake instead of mixing with a spatula.

NO flowing powder! – Gel type booster and ampoule solve the inconvenience of flowing powder.

NO need to prepare tools! – The only thing you need is the package of this Shaking Rubber Mask.

NO need to precisely measure! – It is for single-use which means hygienic and comfortable.


Indications and Usage:

1. Put STEP 01 (Booster) and STEP 02 (Liquid Ampoule) in a shaking cup, separate the spatula and close the cap.

2. Cover the hole on the cap with your finger and shake until the liquid is well mixed.

* After STEP 01 and STEP 02 are mixed, the content starts to solidify in 2-3 minutes. So please use immediately after it is mixed.

3. When the texture becomes creamy, evenly apply on the face avoiding eyes and mouth using the spatula.

4. As the mask sheet solidifies, slowly take off the sheet mask and gently wipe off the remaining mask. Finish with basic skincare step.

Size: 50g


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