[EXP 10.09.22] Low PH BHA Overnight Mask (50ml)

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Zo-Ee Chee
Gentle Exfoliation

This cream does exactly what it says. It goes on and moisturises gently while helping reduce bumps. After sleeping with it overnight, I can wash it off and feel significantly fewer bumps as the BHA has helped melt away the solidified oil to reveal softer and smoother skin. I personally don't have to use it often but it's always gentle which means it doesn't cause more pimples through chemical exfoliation. Would definitely recommend.

Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concerns: Dryness, Pores
Skin Tone: Light
Product Quality:
Value for Money:
Totally Worth It!
Not Worth the Price
Repurchase Intent:
Yes, Definitely!
Never Ever
Age: 25-34
Tried This on a Whim

Laneige's overnight mask is my usual go to but the BHA in this product caught my eye. The texture is quite thick and gunky which is very different to what I'm used to. I can't say if this product has helped to smooth out my skin, or if it's the combination of other products I'm using. Overall, I think it's not bad, there's a slightly spicy smell (presumably from beeswax) which is quite pleasant.

Marie Tan
Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin

Because it is very mild, it doesn't sting or cause me to have breakouts. Wake up in the morning with soft and moisturised skin! I can use it few times a week. Unable to compare with stronger chemical exfoliants because my skin cannot handle too high % of AHA/BHA.

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