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White Dew Emulsion (100ml)

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Looking for bright, glowy skin? Laneige's White Dew range contains Saururus Chinensis extract that works effectively to lighten dark spots and even out skin coloration. It's also formulated with the glycol component of Phyto sugar water that moisturizes and brightens the skin. The emulsion is a lightweight moisturizer that penetrates easily into the skin, leaving it feeling supple, looking bright and feeling great. With continuous use, you'll be left with a complexion that's supple and radiant, and who doesn't want that?

What's Good

- Emulsion that moisturizes and brightens the skin

- Brightens dark spots, evens skin tone and moisturizes

- Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Apply an even layer onto the skin and gently pat in for better absorption.

What's Included

1 x White Dew Emulsion 100ml

Key Ingredients

Trehalose - a moisturizing agent that binds water to the skin, preventing evaporation to keep it hydrated for longer

Saururus chinensis extract - Effectively brightens the skin and reduces dark spots

Phyto sugar water - moisturizes the skin and brightens it for a radiant complexion

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