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Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner (150ml)

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Toner’s absorbing power + ampoule’s hydrating power! Moisture ampoule toner that fills in plentiful moistness to dry skin every day like applying ampoule


1.      Special hydrating effect found in Narcissus Bulb

-       This floral hydro line contains ‘moisture keeping power’ and ‘moisture purifying power’ of Narcissus that stores rich moisture inside its bulb during long winter and blooms in summer.
2.      Low molecule Hyaluronic Acid Water Cycle

-       Step1. Quick moisture charge with fast-absorbing texture

-       Step2. Low molecule Hyaluronic Acid with small particles thoroughly provides moisture to every area of the skin

-       Step3. Moisture lock that prevents moisture from drying on the skin surface
3.      4 Free

-       It doesn’t contain Animal Ingredients, Mineral Oil, Artificial Coloring and Imidazolidinyl Urea


How to use:

At the morning and night skincare step, pump out an appropriate amount and gently apply along the skin texture.

Size : 150ml


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