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Herb Warm Pack (3ea)

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Have no fear, even though that time of the month is here! Medi Heally's Herb Warm Packs are your secret weapon to soothing away cramps, giving you the comfort and warmth you deserve. Pampering your body with an expert blend of essentials oils and 7 different medicinal herbs, this self-heating pack gently warms up the lower belly, calming away aches and giving you a nice, cozy feeling.

What's Good

- Self-heating packs infused with essential oils

- Soothes period cramps and warms up the body

- Just attach and allow to heat up

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Remove from plastic packaging, then peel away the clear seal to expose the essential oils. Then, peel away the adhesive seal before attaching it either onto an underwear, or on the inside of your clothing. Do not attach to bare skin.

What's Included

1 x Herb Warm Pack 3pcs

Key Ingredients

Wormwood extract - Brings back heat into the body to prevent ailments that is caused by coolness

Lavender extract - Calms the senses and soothes the body

Chamomile extract - Helps digestion and soothes frazzled senses

Rose extract - Relieves anxiety

Ylang ylang extract - Improves circulation and helps reduce cramps

Clary sage extract - Balances emotions and regulates periods

Fennel extract - Helps detoxify the body of unwanted substances and toxins

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