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BB Cushion Whitening (30g)

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Whitening BB Cushion for creating highly clear and fair skin both inside and outside using Dual Whitening Care! By achieving ultimate bright skin without darkening, it maintains crystal clear skin for a long time.


1.      SKIN FIT cushion for thin and crystal clear skin texture

-       The content gets evenly smeared on the puff and gets equally applied on the skin, achieving glass-like fair skin. 

2.      Neutral/cool color that you can choose for your own skin tone

-       Choose neutral color if your skin tone is yellowish and pick cool color if skin tone is reddish. Achieve natural and attractive makeup by choosing your own color tone. 

3.      Bright complexion using Mela-Crusher whitening ingredient!

-       Whitening element like Mela-Crusher from Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence brightens your skin.


How to use:

-       Take the content on the puff and gently pat on the skin along the skin texture. Apply once more for better coverage.

Replace it with a new refill if the content doesn’t come out when pushing it hard with fingers. 

Size : 30g

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