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Secret Cream (50ml)

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Anti-aging and skin-tightening cream that gets applied moistly like essence and firming the skin core by filling elasticity energy of the skin layer by layer



1.       Anti-aging cream with wrinkle improving function

-       Containing the fermented essence, this anti-aging cream helps achieve healthily glowing skin by strengthening and vitalizing the skin from deep inside.

 2.       Natural fermentation energy balances the skin core and achieves strong skin

-       The Secret Essence effect for beautiful skin further moisturizes and tightens skin base for well-balanced

and healthy skin

 3.       Using precious ingredients earned from su:m37’s fermentation science

-       Fermented Lactobacillus Lysate discovered by 10 years of secret fermentation study and traditional container fermenting method takes care of skin irritating elements and firms the skin’s natural strength.


How to use:

At the last step of skincare, take some amount and smoothly apply along the skin texture by moving outward. Embrace the face with palms and let it absorb the cream well using the palms’ temperature.

Size : 50ml

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