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Layer Blurring Primer Pore Cover (20ml)

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Pore-covering primer that achieves smooth, soft and porcelain-like skin texture.


1.      Flawless and smooth skin anywhere

-       Covering formula smoothens rough pores, fine wrinkles and rugged areas on the skin, achieving soft and seamless skin surface.

2.      NO oiliness with soft oil control care!

-       Sebum controlling powder takes care of excessive sebum excretion and maintains soft skin surface without oiliness.

3.      Skin texture care for beautiful skin

-       By smoothing out rough skin texture, it makes a fine skin base appropriate for makeup.


How to use:

-       After basic care, apply an appropriate amount on the areas with pore problems (T-zone, nose sides and cheeks) and bumpy skin areas.


* Shake well before using to mix the content well.

Size : 20ml


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