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Green Tangerine Vita Cream (50ml)

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Point: Vitamin cream that contains 62% of Green Tangerine that’s referred to as ‘highly enriched natural Vitamin C’.

1. Moisturizing vitamin multi cream 
 - Refreshing vitamin from Green Tangerine takes care of dull skin and 7 soothing plant elements and Panthenol moistly embraces the skin and makes transparent and clear skin. 

2. ZERO amount of 20 harmful elements! 
 - Only containing 70% of natural vitamin C ‘Green Tangerine’, it is less-irritating vitamin cream that’s safe to use.

3. Moist texture that contains vitality capsule 
 - As you roll, popping vitamin vitality capsule softly gets absorbed into the skin and finishes comfortably and moistly.


Purpose: By adding vitality and freshness of Vitamin C with Green Tangerine to the skin troubled with blemishes, freckles and acnes, it makes your skin brighter and clearer.


Indications and Usage:

After applying Green Tangerine Vtia C Dark Spot Serum, take an appropriate amount and gently apply on the face and neck by lightly move the fingers like rolling.

Size: 50ml

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