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Pore Clean Toner (250ml)

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Banish oil-slicked skin and enlarged pores with Mamonde's Pore Clean Toner! This bottle is packed with houttuynia cordata and west coast mud extracts that detoxifies the skin of dirt, sebum and impurities, effective removing whiteheads and blackheads while minimizing enlarged pores. It also helps to control excess sebum production, giving the skin a fresh matte finish.

What's Good

- A toner for oily skin

- Contains ingredients to control sebum production, as well as to minimize pores

- Leaves the skin fresh and matte

Skin Type

Oily skin types

How to Use

After cleansing the skin, saturate a cotton pad with the product and wipe onto the skin, starting from the center of the face and working your way out.

What's Included

1 x Pore Clean Toner 250ml

Key Ingredients

West coast mud extract - Controls sebum production

Houttuynia cordata extract - Minimizes pores and prevents excess oil production

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