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Spotlight Eye Glitter (4.5ml)

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Have all eyes on you with Althea's Spotlight Eye Glitter! This sparkly number doubles up as both an eyeshadow and a liner to light up the eyes for some perky, glamorous peepers. Whether you like a subtle glow or a full-on glitter look, these have a hydrating formula that glides on like butter over the lids, allowing for an easy blend. Don't wait too long though, as they do set down, making them virtually budge-proof after. Pick from two pretty shades to suit your look!

Designed and made in Korea, with love

With the belief that you deserve the best quality, at affordable prices

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What's Good

- A sparkling eye glitter product

- Easily blendable to use as eyeshadow, comes with a precise brush for eyeliner

- Dries down to a long wearing finish

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Apply directly onto the lids and gently blend out with your finger or a brush.

What's Included

1 x Spotlight Eye Glitter 4.5ml

Key Ingredients

Squalene - Conditions and improves suppleness of the skin

Finely milled shimmer pigments - For a reflective glow

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Spotlight Eye Glitter

Dazzle with the wonders of the galaxy and the glittering shine of a diamond

Spotlight Glitter

Add a little sparkle to your look and have all eyes on you with these glittery eye toppers

Precise Application

A slim applicator allows for precise and even application

Long-wearing Formula

This liquid formula melts into the skin, allowing the glitter to adhere better to the eyelids

Technical Features
Natural Moisturizing Complex

Hydrating on the eyes, this formula is made with a moisturizing gel matrix that gives eyes a sparkling touch

Super Fitting System

It creates a film for a longer wear, preventing smudging caused by sweat or water

Color Chart

#01 Gold Light

#02 Pink Light

*Caution contains Carmine

  • Apply onto the lids using the applicator
  • Gently pat in to blend and wait for 3-5 seconds to dry
  • Apply onto the bottom lash line for Aegyosal style makeup
  • Blend out with a finger or a cotton bud and wait for 3-5 seconds to dry
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