Purse feeling a little light but you're already scraping at the bottom trying to get the last of your favorite cream? Don't worry your sweet little purse, because we're here to give you a little hand! At Althealand, we believe that just because you're broke, doesn't mean you can't look and feel your best. Whether you're caught up in the troughs of adult life, or you're living on a tight student budget, we've picked out some of our favorites to keep your skin and your bank account happy! Here's our must-have K-beauty picks under $10!

This handy product doubles up as both a cleanser and mask pack, so you can nourish and cleanse at the same time without needing two separate products. It’s infused with milk protein, AHA and BHA extracts to remove dead skin cells as well as brighten dull complexions, all while ensuring your skin stays supple and hydrated. What a steal!
Anti-aging has never been so easy, and so cheap! This tiny but might bottle is packed with vitamin E which has amazing powers to keep your face looking youthful and smooth, improving the elasticity of the skin and rididng it of fine lines and wrinkles. Could this really be magic in a bottle?
Oil blotting papers aren’t only not great for your skin, they can be quite cost-heavy if your oily complexion goes through them quickly! This mist is infused with a super fine powder that instantly soaks up the oil, mattifying the complexion without drying the skin out. Plus, it doubles as a dry shampoo when your hair needs a little perk-me-up too. Talk about a multitasking must-have!
Just because you’re running on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t put some customization into your beauty routine. These soaps from APLB are handmade and contain different ingredients to best suit your skin’s needs. Mix and match 4 to create a full circle, or if you’re running on an extra tight budget, just use them one piece at a time!
This two-step set uses a “no paid, all gain” approach to dealing with blackheads, preventing redness and irritations. It opens up the pores and extracts out the blackheads with one pull, making it a relatively gentle yet effective way to keep the skin clean. Keep these handy to ensure your skin stays in tip-top shape without breaking the bank.
Did your purses sigh in relief too? Make sure you check out these and all our other price savers available on Althea's site. What are some of your budget must-haves? Let us know in the comments down below!
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