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Bija Cica Gel (40ml)

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Purpose: Cica Gel for soothing sensitive skin and taking care of various troubled areas on the skin.



1.       Treating skin troubles with Centella Asiatica 4X

-       Containing high purity Centella Asiatica 4X (Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid) that compressed Centella Asiatica 30 times enables strong Cica care.

Refined highly pure powder of Centella Asiatica instead of its diluted liquid extract provides definite effect on the skin.
2.       Getting healthy and tight skin with protective supporter of skin, ‘Bija Oil’ and ‘D-Panthenol’!

-       Bija Oil with excellent skin protective power and D-Panthenol that helps strengthen skin barrier make healthy skin.


How to use:

- Before applying cream, evenly apply Cica Gel on the entire face and let it absorbed.

- When using on specific parts, apply a thick amount on the troubled areas.



* Use it on any small area to see it fits your skin type and then apply on the entire face.

Size : 40ml


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